Why Donald Trump Is NOT As Good Of A Businessman As You Might Think

We have seen the yellow toupee’d character in the public eye for over 30 years portraying himself as the peak of ‘success’ and as the embodiment of the archetypal arrogant billionaire. He struts around talking about how he ‘pulled himself of his bootstraps’ hence achieving his goals of a net worth of 4 billion dollars. He himself is a character of nothing other than stupidity with his extreme right wing conservative views…

In the 1970’s Trump had inherited over 40 million dollars according to estimates. This money had been inherited from Trump’s father, a real-estate tycoon owning an organisation worth 200 million dollars in New York. In 1974, Trump had taken over the Trump organisation and had expanded it by adding many recreational facilities as golf courses and hotels. But all of Trumps investments and expanding his father’s company had little effect on the billionaire’s net worth. An article on Vox.com states that the if Donald Trump had invested his money in an index fund he would have made a similar amount of money as his net worth states.

Trump is not only a bad businessman but a lousy tactician who is emerging as the worst enemy of his own party. Republicans are running scared that if he garners quick votes in the early primaries he may win the July nomination and lead his party to electoral disaster.
Most Americans may not be politically liberal but they prefer moderation.
Silly, over-the-top rantings like Trump’s support for waterboarding torture may have temporary entertainment value but in the long run, Americans prefer a moderate President to lead them rather than a cuckoo woo-woo economics talk show host and sensationalist to lead their nation.Republicans will never forget the right wing extremists, like Barry Goldwater, and later Tea Party favourite Sarah Palin led them to disaster when faced by Kennedy and Obama.

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