Artificial Intelligence and Speculation

With several notable scientists and intellectuals being opposed to the idea of artificial intelligence let alone the development of such’machines’, there is much speculation to what artificial intelligence is.

Essentially Artificial intelligence or AI is when humans program machinery to think and logically analyse the world around us.

Today we are already applying artificial intelligence to our daily lives. It is being used in machines as GPS navigation, check – scanning machines and military grade drones. Currently we rely on this type of AI which is referred to as “weak AI”.  Weak AI basically means that the machine is not sentient  and is only capable of doing focused tasks whereas strong AI means that the machine itself is as “smart” or as intellectually capable as the human mind or even more so.

Many scientists as Elon Musk (CEO of Spacex)  and Stephen Hawking (Theoretical physicist EXTRAORDINAIRE) and Bill Gates (Creator of microsoft) believe that these machines will play a great threat to the humans species if created. Elon Musk had stated that these machines could even be more of a threat than Nuclear weapons! These scientists believe that if these machines are made there will be no need for human existence and these very Intelligent “beings” won’t value for us as a species as we don’t place too much value on lifeforms less intelligent than our own. i.e.  Animals, plants or other self sustaining organisms.


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