No shock even at click-baits? Perhaps social media is to blame

Social media in many ways has defined what life in the 21st century is like. There are both positives and negatives towards this, teenagers are now glued to their phones snap- chatting their newest shoes to their friends. Yet social media has helped people in oppressive regimes voice their opinions.

For teenagers, social media allows them to share instantly and with a large group of people, and that’s what makes it so enticing. In general, conversations conducted with teenagers, it is revealed that a sizable number of use social media as a means to see what their friends are doing. This may lead to jealousy among those who are less privileged. Of course, there are also those who believe social media to be a distraction and flat out ignore the use of them.

I personally do not use social media very often, only maintaining a few accounts for me to be publicly searchable. I believe that it is not healthy to be constantly checking the latest news/gossip, there is a certain desensitisation when information is provided on a click of a button. After all, quantity defines worth, for example, gold itself has no value but as gold is hard to find and rare it is precious. This applies to social media too, when reads one piece of news after another without thinking and just mindlessly ‘liking’, as is quite common, one tends to react less. Recently, after another mass shootings in America, one of my friends said: “Why doesn’t America just ban guns?” My friend changed topic after 30 seconds, there was no consideration for why obviously America cannot do that.

Although social media has served many uses such as during the Arab Springs protests, in which protests were organised through Facebook and Twitter, I believe there should be some serious thought towards what role it plays in our lives.


James Xu

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