#OpTrump – Anonymous Declares War On Trump

Recently the hacktivist collective Anonymous declared a full-fledged war against the republican front-runner Donald Trump through means of shutting down his websites, exposure of classified information and the dismantling of his campaign.

In the video Anonymous completely obliterates Donald Trump, by saying that he feeds to his current audience but does not stand for anything but his own personal greed and power.

Anonymous is also very critical of Trump’s policy proposal and rhetoric on ISIS by saying that “This policy is going to have a huge impact. This is what ISIS wants,” and then they go on to analyse the effects that this can have on the middle east by characterising how this can result in further destabilisation of the middle east as they had stated,”The more Muslims feel sad, the more ISIS feel that they can recruit them.

However, will #OpTrump actually have a large enough effect on the election as Huffington Post questions by saying “The video does not truly make the plan to action clear even if it did the group has had plenty of missteps in the past”

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