Is Feminism Still Needed?

Feminism is a movement and a philosophy that had started in 1848 of which concerns equal rights between men and women. The feminists were a collection of revolutionaries and intellectuals who conquered the bridge between women and their male counterparts … or have they?

The notion of the requirement of feminism in our modern era is an ongoing debate between the people of all walks of life. Hundreds of so – called ‘new atheists’ such as TheAmazingAtheist and Thunderf00t are against feminists in our modern era despite proclaiming themselves as liberals. And so have masses of conservatives voiced their hatred of the same modern feminists.

I think their hatred springs up from the third wave feminists. A group of people who you see throughout the walls of social media platforms. These so-called social justice warriors’s are what the epitome of true liberals and feminists actually despise because they stand for truly regressive ideas and petty wars on things like how women should sit.

These third wave feminists are a threat to the perception of true feminists. They paint the true feminist as only caring about  petty and childlike things. Also, these third wave feminist pull away the limelight from what they are supposedly fighting for; women’s rights.

So is feminism still needed? In short yes.

Still women face struggles every day. There still are certain biases that still only apply to women and not men. In developed countries, this is represented for the gender wage gap where on average women are paid 90% of what men make until the age of 35. After this, the median earnings for women are 76 – 81% of what men make. In developing countries there are huge  systemic issues that largely affect women. An example of this is education. In all parts of the globe, women are denied the right to education and this has an automatic domino effect on the rest of their lives. Also, this large lack of education can cause economic effects because much more people would be unemployed.

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