This Phone Can Be Taken Apart. Big Deal?

Yep, you read that right. A phone that can be taken apart. If you haven’t already heard about this, I’ll fill you in;

This is the LG G5, and the bottom is removable and swappable for other pieces. You might be wondering at this point, why would need a phone that allows you to… literally… dissect. Well, actually, each module has a different feature. For example, you might buy a phone that is relatively cheap since you don’t need all those fancy new features, however, let’s say you really want a good camera phone, that is, you take a lot of photos. This, of course, would mean paying MORE money for a phone with a BETTER camera. Right? Well, today, the answer would be yes. But tomorrow? Nope! The LG G5 (which actually is a mainstream phone) allows you to “upgrade” the camera by attaching a camera module.


Now, this is technically speaking, a modular phone. However, we are nowhere near a fully modular phone. What I mean by that is in the future, each FEATURE ITSELF on a phone will be a module, allowing you to really have, what many people really want, THE PERFECT PHONE. The rate of technological advance is phenomenal these days, and we really will see a fully modular phone BY 2020.



Google Project Ara (A fully modular phone)




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