The Future Of “Hyper-Charging” Phones

Okay, so charging our phones (and laptops etc.) has become quite a normal thing in our world today. It is also clear that charging speeds and data transfer speeds are becoming faster and faster by the year. However, as companies like Samsung and pretty much all Android phone companies incorporate “fast charging” into their phones, there is one thing that stands out: The Method Itself.

Now, I must make clear that the idea I am about to propose is a concept. A concept which allows EXTREME FAST CHARGING. I did not learn about this “CONCEPT” because I made it up. It is MY CONCEPT. So, in that case, I shall make this worthwhile.

Now I will propose my idea which, in theory, could lower charging speeds below 20 minutes! (Much better than the fastest charging speed today: Around 80 Minutes). Obviously, the smaller the battery, the much faster it charges. Nowadays, we have generally a 3000MAh(Milliamp) Battery, which takes 90 minutes to charge. But… Wait! What happens if we split that into two 1500MAh batteries! The phone could start with one battery, and when that runs out, switch to the next! It could possibly have TWO CHARGING PORTS (not one), that is, one for each battery. This, thus, reduces charging speed to 45 minutes!

By a simple process of splitting the battery and adding a charging port, we effectively reduced charging time by 45 minutes! Having four battery’s could mean speeds as fast as 22.5 MINUTES! To go from 0-100%! Of course, the battery would still last as long since the combined capacity is the same!

Now even though this technology doesn’t exist yet, and probably won’t for… …quite some time! This just goes to show what is possible for the future of technology!


  1. The problem with this would be practicality. You would need either two USB cables or a high Amp high Voltage USB cable. Plus it would be less compact.


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