How Tumblr Misconstrued Feminism

Tumblr. A social media blogging platform is used everyday by hundreds of thousands of people, their opinions and idea flood the entirety of the site creating a sort of echo chamber leaving users reassured in their own beliefs. The walls of this platform are flooded with many feminazi opinions.

Many of these posts that are made by feminist extremists that have painted feminism to be an agenda that is very anti male. They make comics explaining feminism depicting the average Joe to have no idea about what the ideology truely is and they characterise society to somehow be against them. Also they create unfunny memes insulting those who dont identify as feminists.

Tumblr is a platform with many such people, and unfortunately they are very active online and effective in pushing their own nonsense across the web. This gives the appearence of there being many of such people. More than there actually are.

These ‘extremists’ are automatically doing more harm than good for their own agenda. They characterise the ideology as being a detriment and they dont truly paint what the concept that they support actually is about which is equality between all genders.

But why are so many of these ‘feminazi’s’ coming out of tumblr? You may ask.

This is because of how much of an echo chamber of opinions tumblr is. Everyone believes in the same things and if someone does not they will be bullied into never coming back onto the platform.


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