Picture of what one downpour do to millennium city

Retired associate professor of history in Delhi University JP Singh took pictures on his mobile between 8 and 8.30 pm on July 30, 2016. This was a day after a seasonal downpour brought Gurugram to a halt. The waterlogging on the roads is to be seen to be believed, and reflects poor planning, drainage and flood water management. 

Professor Singh points out that before we go to build 100 smart cities the government must take a look at Gurugram—in a shambles after one minor rain. Schools were shut; several lakh employees who work in Cyber City had to absent themselves from work on July 29.

Take a look at the state of two important roads that have been photographed. One connects NH8 and Micromax Metro station with the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road via Maulshree road /Siris Road. The other is a circular road which connects to DLF Phase 3 Town Houses Markets via DLF Gateway Tower and via Maulshree Road.

Waterlogging is a serious issue but no sooner than the water recedes that we forget what happened. Until we are marooned again. Professor Singh feels that doing something constructive is what is called for instead of criticizing the government and starting a blame game. Citizens, he feels, should cooperate with local councilors, MLAs and MPs and get things done so that Gurugram is prepared for next year’s monsoon.

By Prof. JP Singh , With Courtesy to Views On 

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