Our Team

Vivan Badhwar (Editor – in-chief)

Vivan Badhwar is the editor in chief of The Final Plugin, an online initiative that talks about political discourse and other such topics. Vivan himself writes several articles on the website talking about topics from Artificial Intelligence to how Donald Trump is not as good of a businessman as you think. Before the final plugin, Vivan was the leader of  MindBendingStudios, the youtube channel talking topics talking primarily about the sciences. Furthermore, Vivan Badhwar was part of the SAVAS program where he was a professor of Physics, English and The social sciences. Vivan is still a student at the United World College of South East Asia.

James Xu (Chief Editorial Advisor) 

James Xu is the chief editorial advisor at the final plugin and has helped begun the online initiative The Final Plugin. James is a student at the United World College of South East Asia. On the website, James is the editor in chief of the category Science and Technology.

Taejas Venkataraman (Editor Science & Technology) 

Taejas is part of the editorial team in The Final Plugin. He writes articles mainly on Science and Technology.

Mihir Goyal (Author/Research Team) 

Mihir Goyal is a part of the research team of The Final Plugin. Also, he is an author for the category Science and Technology.

Shloka Jaisingh (Author/Research team) 

Shloka Jaisingh plays a crucial role in the team as she is responsible for some of the writing particularly in the category Culture and she is a member of the research team with Mihir Goyal.

Jordan Meijers (Social Media Coordinator) 

With many ties and connections, Jordan Meijers is the head social media coordinator of the website. Also, she helps Shloka on the category Culture.

Devanshi Guglani (Art and Design) 

Devanshi is responsible for the art and design of the website. She develops logos and helps Jordan with some social media tasks.